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i hope this works

the norm
first name| tony
nick name| stony
age| 16
sex| male
location| orange, ct
favorite colour| and earthy colour
favorite number| 51

how effin neat
neatest object you posses| my bass
neatest song you have ever heard| "I'll only make you cry" -Flashlight Brown
neatest band you have heard| FATA
neatest shirt you have ever seen| the one dan d gave me for my birfday
neatest person you know {what makes them neat?}| erica (she is neat because she is the coolest person ever)
neatest book you've read| catcher in the rye
neatest movie you have seen| identity
neatest piece of art you have come across| anything vangough
neatest music video you've watched| ive grown a liking for luda videos
neatest name you've heard| big jizzo

yada yada
pet peeves? people who dont shut up, people who make fun of other people for who they are, bitching
have any talents? {if so, list them} music is my main talent
what are your favorite scents or flavors? uhh.. dont know
what is something in life that never fails to make you happy? friends and that certain someone
name one special power you wish you possessed and why. nocturnal vision to see what others cannot
name five nouns that are important to you. schenectidy(obvious reason), friends, music, intelligence, wisdom
name one thing you can't go a day without doing. music
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